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Successful Entrepreneur Finally Hands His PROVEN Evergreen Webinar System to a Handful of Lucky Ambassadors…

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Even Better… There is NO Product Creation… NO Traffic Generation… NO Email List… and NO Experience Required!

You’re about to discover how you can claim YOUR share of a 250 BILLION dollar market… soon growing to $1 trillion! One that Forbes says is “among the fastest-growing industries in the world.”

In fact, according to a survey conducted by BestColleges, 37% of all U.S. adults are already enthusiastic consumers of these popular digital goods. Many of them using them daily, and…

They’re Ravenous For More!

Even though it’s already booming, this market is poised for even MORE unprecedented growth.

And it’s wide open for YOU to profit, too.

In fact, almost anyone with a little ambition and the right guidance can claim their share of the massive fortunes being made in this market.

I’ll tell you about it in just a minute.

In addition to all that, I’ve been running the Partnership To Success coaching program since 2011, and have many of the most successful marketers and entrepreneurs in the world as students.

Here’s A Recap Of Everything You Get When You Become An Ambassador!

A licence to my proven and tested high-ticket webinar funnel. The one I personally use to land $2,000 coaching clients. Tested and PROVEN. ($25,000 Value)

My “done for you” free report and high-converting opt-in page. It’s a shortcut to expert status… and I’ll show you how to use it to build an email list brimming with potential buyers who look to YOU for solutions. ($10,000 Value)

Your very own custom-built JV page so you can recruit affiliates. You will receive a 25% commission every time one of your affiliates makes a sale. ($5,000 Value)

365 days of “ready-to-go” email follow-ups. You will earn 100% commissions on any of my products and earn 50% commissions on any affiliate offers you sell. These are offers I’ve personally hand-picked and vetted. Offers that are PROVEN to convert. ($36,500 Value)

My “Traffic Trifecta” training. These closed-door training sessions reveal insider secrets, tips and strategies that you can use to bring in at least 1,000 visitors in the next 30 days. ($2,000 Value)

Profit From My Proven Funnels” video walk-through. A video training series taking you through the exact steps you need to follow to set up and implement my proven funnels in your business… in as little as 27 minutes (I checked!)

BONUS #1: One guest post per month on my blog. You can include a link back to your webinar or opt-in funnel inside each article. Every time a reader clicks the link and invests in my Partnership To Success coaching program, you’ll earn a 50% commission. ($12,000 Value)

BONUS #2: I will promote each of your guest posts to my 100,000+ email subscribers. Every time you write a new guest post, I’ll email my list and let them know about it. This will drive hundreds or even thousands of readers to your post… often within minutes! ($6,000 Value)

BONUS #3: I will promote each of your guest posts to my 20,000+ social media followers. This will allow you to attract leads from an even wider audience, while improving your online visibility and establishing your reputation as an expert. ($3,000 Value)

BONUS #4: A rotating banner ad on the front page of my blog for the next 90 days. This is “done for you” traffic that allows you to tap into a targeted audience of 2,000+ monthly visitors to start making sales almost immediately! ($1,000 Value)

BONUS #5: A rotating signature ad at the bottom of every email I send for the next 90 days. This ad promotes a $1 7-day trial offer for Partnership To Success that converts like crazy. You’ll earn a 50% commission on any sales you generate through this ad. ($500 Value)

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